Top 6 The Most Famous Vapers On Youtube

Whenever a specific phenomenon takes the spotlight, occasional heroes rise up to be the ambassadors of that experience. Vaping started to be a significant subculture in today’s globe with a substantial market influence and also cultural impact, specifically with younger generations.

Publishing hobbies, talents, and interests internet, once was a simple pastime, now symbolizes a full-time business activity for some people, while some are making it art that permits a steady payment. All of this would barely be conceivable without the impact of the web, more effectively Youtube and Instagram companies that let vapers to reach an enormous audience and pass on their fame through vape tips youtube videos and different similar content.

We gather leading the esteemed bloggers into 1 list to show how they become respected by a whole vaping community? What’s their contribution to vaping sector and subculture all together? Let us look into many of the most well-known vapers of today and what each of them must bring to the desk.

Major Popular Vapers On Youtube
-> GrimmGreen
-> A_Kidz
-> Jordan_mv
-> RiP Trippers
-> Mike Vapes
-> Zophie Vapes

Vaping Star GrimmGreen

This 39-year old formerly originates from South Lake Tahoe, California, the USA where his professional career began as a Starbucks employee. Immediately after, in 2002, Mike Green (AKA GrimmGreen) develops a pastime in vaping, and everything began to change for this well-known youtuber. Four years in the future, in 2006, Mike begins shooting video articles for Youtube vape aficionados where he operates GrimmGreen channel that retains group of video content focused on reviewing vape products.

In 2009 2009, Green started his private company called ‘GrimmGreen Industries,’ and three years later he co-founded NamberJuice company. Mike moved to San Diego to give attention to his vaping job where he as well enjoys draft beer, Star Wars, and sushi.


-> Mike focused his attention on what counts and didn’t do straight forward promotional videos, alternatively he objectively shares his knowledge with a certain product.
-> This idea brought 363,582 members to GrimmGreen youtube channel where persons can also get information linked to maintenance, sales, special deals, new products, etc.
-> Mike was also among the first persons to discuss the initiative to help put a stop to the ban of e-cigarettes in California.
-> Additionally, there are occasions when Mike presents some products to persons that see his vaping youtube video lessons.

Usually, it really is some interesting new flavour or various other interesting product.

Best tricks By GrimmGreen

Mike is not a trickster: there are rare chances to find him trying to perform some trick even while vaping. Although, his video tutorial variation of blu e-cig review is called extremely good applying for grants vaping.

“According to his have testimonial, Mike’s ideal trick was to trade standard smoking cigarettes for vaping alternative.”

Famous Professional vaper A_Kidz

Real name is definitely Byron Datau. This small vaper, born on February 27th, 1997, moved from LA to Carson where he attended school. Soon after, when Byron Datau (AKA A_Kidz) moved with his family to Jakarta, Indonesia. Six years later Byron came back to LA, where he even now lives as a professional vaper.


-> Byron’s first youtube video recording was of him hoping to perform tricks utilizing a regular cigarette.
-> The responses weren’t standing ovations at first, but later A_Kidz was raised (literally) to become the most popular professional vapers out there.
-> A lot of the videos that young skill uploads on Youtube and Instagram happen to be technique tutorials and demonstrations.
-> Most A_Kidz content material is certainly on Instagram, where he articles clips for an army of 133k followers.
-> Byron Datau can be an motivation to his fans and an influential person in the web vaping community.

Best tricks By A good_Kidz

Among the best methods A_Kidz ever performed are compiled found in this one single video, which we desire you will enjoy.


Jordan A good. Flippen is a 21-year-outdated vaper from Mount Airy, and one of the best tricksters on earth. Jordan’s professional career started out when he was simply 16 years previous as a young aspiring DJ and music maker.

However, his brief profession just as a music performer was soon interrupted simply by the evolution of his vaping hobby right into a professional endeavour.


-> Although a young person, Jordan is usually a well-respected member of vaping community and just about the most famous YouTubers.
-> He works a youtube channel that doesn’t covers enough of his talents;
-> Jordan’s main screen to the world is definitely Instagram where he spreads strategies and skill for vape techniques with over 117k followers.
-> More than techniques, Jordan dedicates a great portion of his period reviewing numerous kinds of vaping products.
-> A whole lot of Jordan’s articles are promoting various makes that want this rising superstar as their public face.
-> The adolescent trickster is a normal participant generally in most big vaping events and tournaments where he competes with other trick performers.
-> We might even see Jordan increasing up to the most notable of the vaping community.

Best tips By Jordan_MV

Finding the right tricks from the sea of amazing vaping video clips that Jordan posts in his Instagram account are sweet torture. With so many amazing tips and superb music to again it up, the next compilation of best techniques by Jordan will chill the blood of any true vape tricks fan.

RIP Trippers

Trip (AKA RIP Trippers) was created found in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. But he currently resides in NEW YORK where he makes almost all of his amazing movies. Trip’s highway to internet glory was an extended one, and it’s complicated to assume that he would become the star that right now shines over the complete vaping world.

He studied Photojournalism, got bachelor’s degree in 2007 and started to are a marriage photographer. This took a while until eventually, Trip developed a photo-oriented application that he purchased and committed to real estates.

At this time RIP Trippers had become, as Trip discovered vaping a comparable time he gave up his Photojournalism aspiration. The complete story is pretty dramatic in fact: at some point, Trip’s wife had a car related incident and the individual that came to investigate the circumstance had a vaporizer.

Since Trip had been chewing tobacco, he was thinking about this new gadget, and the rest is internet background. Trip is wedded with two children and loves 1983 Mercedes 240D automobile.


-> One of the first persons that started endorsing vape lifestyle is none other than Trip.
-> RIP Trippers actions are largely Youtube based and include product reviews and previews of some incredibly interesting products.
-> RIP’s channel offers different interesting brands, mods, and juices, along with other gadgets that allow vapers maximum level of enjoyment.
In 2016 there is a big scandal including Trip offering fake health claims in a video which produced fans furious.
-> The things started to look harmful to this vaping icon, on the other hand, only a year afterwards RIP Trippers released another video recording where he discussed his actions and the items want good again for now.
-> RIP Trippers youtube channel today stands at around 1 million members with half that amount following on Instagram.
-> The videos venture out every week, serving as an motivation to most people.

Best methods By RIP Trippers

RIP Trippers vape video lessons aren’t trick oriented. Even so, there is one interesting tutorial that legend posted, which has to be seen by anyone who loves vaping.

Mike Vapes

Mike was a passionate smoker for around 24 years during which he enjoyed regular smokes.

“According to his own words, Mike Vapes made a decision to switch to a wholesome life-style that included swapping standard smokes to vape.”

The official channel about youtube that Mike began two years ago is packed with product critiques and previews of forthcoming novelties that Mike presents in a manner of an genuine vape artist.


-> Mike can be dedicating his daily activities to introduce services and help his market understand them easier to enjoy total flavours the perfect way.
-> His method of broadcasting isn’t usual promotional content: it carries actual benefit for the crowd as each video addresses advantages and disadvantages free of bias.
-> As well as on youtube, Mike can be highly lively participant of all main vape conventions and events.
In this manner he can stay informed of all latest trends and convey their meaning to his audience, which incidentally, considers Mike a huge inspiration.
-> Moreover, Mike Vapes channel may be the residence of Mike’s occasional Vlog articles that carry a whole lot of humour and quite often looks like a number of funny vape videos.

Best tips By Mike Vapes

Mike spends his period enjoying vape and reviewing vape goods. However, he is not known for doing techniques during his shows.
His deep and qualified vape knowledge lead a large number of involved audiences. Mike is well known for his giveaways and over the internet sales.

Zophie Vapes

Zophie Vapes (real brand is thought to be different, they state Zophie is her grandmother name) Zophie is a professional vaper popular on both Youtube and Instagram and a great inspiration to all women who vape.

Since the start of her youtube career in 2014, Zophie wished to attract followers with engaging content and interesting performance with a whole lot of humour and a few teasers.

Over 237 thousand members on Youtube present that beginning a Youtube channel was an excellent call, therefore the logical next thing was to get started on an Instagram account, which is currently a place where over 79 thousand people come to get informed or simply enjoy lovely pictures that Zophie shares each day with her followers.


-> Zophie focuses her focus on promoting several mods and juice flavours.
-> Her favourite taste is normally Mango, although she likes almost all of the fruity flavours.
-> Although she actually is among a few successful feminine vape promoters on the web, there is absolutely no difference between the quality of this content and the informative benefit that Zophie’s video clips convey to the visitors.
-> There are no certain female vape mods on her behalf channel, as most people expect in terms of female online performers.
-> Even though she actually is extremely popular on Youtube, this young vaping professional appears to dedicate more focus on her Instagram posts, or it could all be a strategy to scale the quantity of her Instagram followers.

Best methods By Zophie Vapes

There are no official vape tricks that Zophie performs on her behalf audience, as she actually is more focused on reviewing various products.

Still, the photos that Instagram has to offer show that there surely is no lack of creative imagination with this female. Here are several of the photographs that Zophie shared with us so the network could have fun with vaping sensations with Zophie.

Final Puff

Vaping culture is certainly spreading throughout the entire world, and there will be seldom restrictions, excluding legal time limits, to flavours, mods, and vaping activities that take place in this vivid community.

The role of vape YouTubers reflects in informing and sharing knowledge with all of those other population to increase the vaping experience for everybody. Some vaping aficionados follow many performers to find inspiration or learn new tips, while some just enjoy studying services and cool methods to use them.

It could not be not very true to state that vaping is coming to learning to be a full-scale skill with curious performers, captivating viewers, and unlimited creative possibilities.

These popular YouTubers that people presented in the article are just a few of many that produce vaping more than only a hobby.